As my childhood comes to an end and mRockOny life as an adult draws near I must find a balance between thinking realistically and thinking ambitiously.  For now is the beginning of anything I want. Though my problem lies in the very statement that thrills me. Anything I want. I feel like a child walking into a toy store as I enter adulthood. For, I don’t have one goal in mind, but multiple. I want to travel the world, learn of other cultures, become fluent in foreign languages and meet as many people as possible. Moreover, I don’t want to merely encounter a wide variety of people, but I want to truly get to know and understand them. I want to meet people with opinions opposite of mine and I want to truly hear what they have to say. I want to be the face of a television show that encourages diversity and innovative thinking. The list, I am now realizing, is neverending. I am excited, yet overwhelmed and I have no idea where to begin. However my instincts are taking me to Chicago. The rest, I guess, I am leaving up to fate.

Follow me on my journey to Chicago, finding myself, my beliefs and my place in this world.


Marissa – Small Town City Girl

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