A letter to: my high school best friends

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To my high school best friends,

Within the next month, we will all go our separate ways. We knew that this time was coming, though it has snuck up on us rather quickly. I am thrilled to begin the next chapter of my life, as well as I am thrilled for you to do the same. Yet I am saddened that we won’t have each other by our side while we do it. We’ve spent the past four years together, and we have been there for each other through it all. It’s strange to think that after everything we have been through, the petty fights, late nights and food runs, it is all coming to an end. However through my sadness I know that this is what must happen in order for us grow as individuals and fulfill the plans that we have for our future. Though before I wish you luck and bid you a tearful goodbye, I have something left to say.

Thank you.

Thank you for all of the gut wrenching laugh attacks and blood racing adventures. Thank you for the late night conversations that made us closer. Thank you for all of the pep talks and advice. Thank you for loving food as much as I do. Thank you for helping me to recognize when someone is taking advantage of me. Thank you for teaching me to have a backbone and to stand up for myself. Thank you for standing up for me, when I couldn’t do so for myself. Thank you for listening to ‘We Can’t Stop’ on repeat with me. Thank you for repeating what you’ve said a thousand times, because I couldn’t hear you the first time. Thank you for all of the times we sang terribly and loudly on our rides home. Thank you for putting up with my (sometimes intoxicating) positive attitude.  Thank you for always being up to go out to eat, even if we’ve just eaten. Thank you for taking ugly pictures with me & for laughing at them afterwards.  Thank you for our crazy nights, early mornings and all of the times in between.

Thank you for all of the memories, we sure had one hell of a run, didn’t we? When looking back I already shake my head at some of the things we did and laugh hysterically at the situations we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Thank you for everything, and I wish you the best of luck, though I know you won’t need it. Now go kick some ass & don’t forget about me.


Marissa – Small Town City Girl

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